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I really like reading about what tools and products others use. I typically like to see interviews with people I know of in the tech industry, but other industries are interesting as well. This page isn’t an interview, it is just a list of my tools and products of choice. I split it by personal/work, though there is definitely overlap.

At some point I’ll add amazon links where relevant. Click those when you buy since they’re referral links ;)



I plug the macbook and the pc into a usb hub which can be switched via a rosewill 4-computer sharing switch. My keyboard, mouse, headphone amp, webcam, yubikey 5, and blue snowball mic are plugged into the hub.






I’ve been using the thinkpad for the majority of my development, the macbook is mostly used for building iOS apps (Compile) or slack/zoom stuffs.


My dog is an important member of my family. She is a ~25lb Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

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