My site had fallen out of date and didn't really have any content besides my university coursework portfolio (years old) and some side projects. I really wanted a place where I could publish stuff that I felt like writing about, so I'm putting this up.


I wanted to do something with material design using polymer and angular but I felt that I was spending more time on building a page with those things than it would be to just throw a super basic jekyll site up and iterate on it from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that I have frequently asked myself about my site going back up.

Is this a blog?

Not really. I don't want to call it a blog because I think that a blog has some kind of regular posting schedule and perhaps even some kind of a community component to it. I am not doing this for anyone else nor do I have some kind of planned schedule of when I will write posts. Think of it as more of a collection of writings/essays/articles by me.

Besides, I write blog posts for the Grio Blog.

Are you going to overengineer this?

I don't know. I already mentioned angular and polymer/webcomponents. I do want this to be a staticly generated site that looks good and works great on both desktop and mobile though.

All I wanted for now was some way to write things in markdown and publish it easily to my server. Done.

The design is bad

Yeah. I'm not really a designer and I always feel dirty using free/third-party templates for things. Most jekyll templates did more than I wanted, or were setup for a specific type of site. They also tended to rely on bootstrap which I don't really want to be using right now.